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Sir Tom in lockdown

A poem about harvest

He got up one day and looked outside

Thought of the NHS

Donned his tie and jacket and

Pinned his medals to his chest

Went out into the sunshine

And hunched over walking frame

Paced up and down his garden

A hundred laps his aim

A simple gesture really

But the locals did enthuse

About a man they knew as Captain Tom

Who in ordinary shoes

Walked slow and sure with purpose

To lots of ah’s and ooh’s

And word soon spread of his intent

Then to the national news

A story of a war hero

Who’d be a hundred soon

A story to shed light on

This pandemic gloom

A story of a modest man

Ninety-nine years old

A story that the media

Could turn to TV gold.

He captured all our hearts

And I wondered what we saw

Did we think of him as a humble chap

Say one that may have lived next door

Who instilled belief you could achieve

No matter health or age

Or is achievement only recognised

If it’s played upon a stage.

So are the question’s deeper

And the answers more profound

Of why Sir Tom moved us so

And why did his walk resound

Cos so many unsung heroes

Also pound along the ground

Let’s hope Sir Tom your legacy

Turns hearts and minds around.

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