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Nature Poetry

Nourished Out Of Nothing

I sheltered neath a tree today

A willow by the stream

A copse of oak and ash behind

Rose up from field of green

And all along the riverbank

Amongst a brambling cascade

River birch and yew trees stood

Like soldiers on parade.

While waiting for the rain to stop

It occurred to me

How clever mother nature was

To turn seed into a tree

Cos looking at the landscape

Solid green and sound

It was clear those trees didn’t steal

Their structure from the ground


Yet there they were in splendour

Sprouting out the land

Nourished out of something

I don’t understand

Just day and night and sunshine

And rain they need that’s all

And they’ll flourish out of thin air

Now ain’t that remarkable

Have We Taken for Granted


Have we taken for granted

The oceans the mountains and streams

The colour of nature’s diversity

Sustained in the blues and the greens

The delicate balance the animals know

Who take only sufficient to sate

The birds and the bees

The flora the trees

And the way they all interrelate

Abodes and wonderous migrations

The Zebra the lion attacks

And the breath-talking sight

Of a whale’s gentle might

As he carries the sea on his back.


Have we bitten the hand that has fed us

Pillaged the land and the seas

Have we plundered too many resources

And burned them just as we please

Poured too much fuel on the fire

And recoiled away from the heat

In relentless pursuit in a race with no line

Except one that says obsolete

If so let’s just take a moment

Reconsider the direction ahead

Heal who’s been injured or left in the wake

And patch up their wounds where they bled

And realise cohesion is better

That we can’t win this race on our own

Cos the Earth belongs to everything in it

And the world is everyone’s home

 Colorful Bird



The Sun the Earth and the Sea

The moon the wind and the rain.

Grassland, flora and tree

Creators of fruit and of grain

Plankton made out of nothing

Sustaining all in the sea

A gift to everything living

A gift to you and to me


The Sun the Earth and the sea

The night the day and the dawn

Fauna flora and tree

Here before we were born

An opus of correlation

Their vocalist humanity

And all they ask the singer to try

Is sing with them in harmony

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