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Love Poems

She’s Special


She’s just one of life’s special people

So special she won’t even believe

Won’t understand why

They say what they do

Or admire the magic she weaves

She knows about things

But would say she don’t know

And don’t understand all the fuss

Her warmth radiates

And just captivates

Those who come under her touch

She’s funny she’s loyal

Ready to smile

Her craft a wonderful gift

Stirring emotion

As deep as an ocean

On which it’s so lovely to drift

Can’t Buy Me Love


I’ve got a million dollars

The worlds all right with me

I’ve got a big house and a very smart car

And a yacht I’ve moored up in the sea

I throw parties for likeminded people

They love to come round and see me

I’ve got a million dollars

No wonder those people love me.


He’s hardly got any money

And don’t even own any land

But his wife is an angel who looks into his eyes

And they walk round the streets hand in hand

He has friends who he laughs, and he jokes with

And a world that seems at his command

But he doesn’t have a million dollars

And me I don’t understand.

Unconditional Love


Untainted heart that’s open

Unshackled spirit flies free

Unbridled to travel

Uncharted course

And love unconditionally

Sealed with Love
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