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Lockdown - Suddenly it stopped

A poem about harvest

Suddenly it stopped.

Is it time to pause and think?

And consider where we’re going?

Now it seems we’re on the brink.

Brought to virtual standstill

By nothing we could see

Curtailing our ambition

And so-called prosperity

A message sent from somewhere

Posted to society

Are we being asked to listen

And to act accordingly.

Shares fall on the stock exchange

The world has lost its cash

But was it ever really there

Like fivers in a stash

Or Just numbers in the paper

Figures just made up

To make an artificial world

For others to conduct

And set our goals to aim for

And measure them in wealth

It seems now so irrelevant

Compared to human health

This world in which we live in

Belongs to all of us

And the other life we share it with

On loan to us in trust

“We must look after everyone”

Politicians say

And care for our environment

But it’s the dollar they obey

So I wonder if they’ll come a change

A brand new human plan

Cos we can’t seem to ground our planes

But it seems that nature can.

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