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Maybe We’ll Rise

A poem about harvest

Maybe we’ll rise

become part of a cloud

in the blue and float over a mountain

Become a tear but not one shed in sorrow

more raindrop then a river running free

Maybe untethered

we’ll spring as a fountain

and quench grass in a lush summer lea

Or become part of that glow

forming moonbeams and sunlight

or sail on the invisible breeze

Become the light and the breath

of an Earthly existence and

whisper through valleys and trees

Maybe we’ll drift

and be part of the ocean

or dance on the crest of a wave

Or reflect silver on turquoise

twinkle and spark

like ballerinas at dusk in the bay

Maybe we’ll graze amongst flora and fauna

or just rest wherever we lay

Maybe we’ll rise like a cloud on the mountain

At dawn at the end of the day

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