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About Gary

I’ve always enjoyed writing. I promised myself that one day I would write a novel. And so I did – 'The Butterfly and the Bear.' The first, I hope, of many.


On leaving school I worked in London - firstly in insurance but eventually for a shipping company which ultimately led to me setting up a shipping agency specialising in the movement of refrigerated cargo. 30 plus years later, I’m still involved with that Company, but no longer on such a day-to-day basis.

I’ve always been a keen sportsman and although I still maintain an interest in most sports, especially cricket, I find my “playing career” has now gravitated towards the more sedate pace of golf. I enjoy horse racing - watching of course, not riding - and have been fortunate enough (hmm, is that actually the right expression?), to experience the ups and downs of owning a share or two in several of those magnificent animals.

Born in London I seemed to have made gradual steps northward and now live in Suffolk. (Not that far north I know, but I did say gradual). I have a grown-up daughter and son who live locally and although they’re now making their own way in life, and I see them often, I do miss those times when

they were children.

I think I’ve always enjoyed writing. At school, although I would often veer a little of the subject, I loved the stories you could create using just pen, paper, and a little imagination. What is referred to as poetry I found could tell a story in a quicker and often more colourful way. On a more personal level, I find I have often found comfort in “writing to myself” - effectively discharging feelings onto paper where I could more easily try to make sense of them.

Writing something that brings a smile (or sometimes a tear) to a reader is a rewarding experience. In these days when life seems so geared towards something more mechanical, perhaps a writer subconsciously just feels the need to stir an emotion? Perhaps to keep us mindful that we are not, as

the internet often asks – robots.


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Race Horses

This is one of Gary's horses Irolin Jack. He's just starting out. So far he's ran two national hunt flat races.

And this is Oh Land Abloom. Winner of four races and second on many occasions. He is as genuine as they come. His greatest achievement was running in the 2019 Cheltenham Festival.

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