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The Dragon On The Hill

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A Beautifully Colourful & Engaging Children's Book

Wonderfully illustrated by Caryn Noad this book has many hidden gems to keep you and your child entertained for hours. Available in hard back or paper back.

Profits from the sale of Dragon on the Hill go to Read for Good, a wonderful charity organisation bringing the joy of reading to so many appreciative and deserving children. Read more about their work at

More about Caryn:

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Should anyone be involved with a children’s charity or organisation where the children would benefit from receiving a free copy of this book, please contact me at

An Extract

Paperback Dragon Hill.png

But this morning with the sun up high

Dusty hot and land burnt dry

I gathered courage to go back where

I saw that dragon standing there...

Caryn Noad

Caryn Noad

About The Illustrator

Caryn Noad artist and illustrator living and working in Suffolk.

‘For me, the art I enjoy making the most is when it tells a story. Paintings that lead you in and hold your attention. So it’s not surprising that I found myself drawn to illustration, combining storytelling with a visual interpretation. It has been a delight being able to work with Gary on his book, and, to paint pictures for those amongst us with the most open, questioning and imaginative minds, Children!


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