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Into The Woods

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This fantastically colourful book pays homage to our woodlands.

Debbies paintings capture the seasons, the sentiments and the importance of Britain’s vibrant keystone species of trees. Each painting is excellently coupled with a poem by Gary.​ A striking, uplifting coffee table book - for those who love trees and poems about them.

A striking collection of Gary's poems accompanied by paintings from the Treescape artist Debbie Baxter. 

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An Extract


Fettered sunlight through bare trees

Kissing early morning dew

Sparkled on a carpet of

Ten thousand bells of blue


All was still and quiet

Breathless was the breeze

An enchanted sweep of blue and violet

Tickling trunks of trees.


Hushed ‘neath the bells, the fairies hid

Observing me unseen

And I knew not to disturb them

So kept to the path between


I felt their gaze upon me

Peering from the blue

Waiting ‘til I’d passed by

Cos when I was out of view


They’d gather up their fairy dust

And flutter on the wing

Sprinkling magic on the woodland

And bringing on the Spring.

Snow Drops


I walk for miles in cold crisp air

The sun so low the forest bleak

When in a clearing over there

I see the nuns I come to seek

Heads bowed down as if contrite

The woodland floor a sea of white


Like lightness in a winter dark

They touch my soul I hear their prayer

Such tenderness in harshness stark

Delicate in the freezing air

A gentle floral envelope

That ushers in a spark of hope


A triumph over adversity

White and pure the queen of hearts

  Banishes uncertainty

A prelude heralding springtime’s start

And gives me the courage to believe

You need not holler to achieve.


I kneel aside their beauty bright

I thank them then I say goodbye

I know they fear not winters night

I whisper softly I know why

The dingle dangle I’ve come to know

Are at one with drops of snow.


 Darkness taken from my heart

By angels melting winters air

I steal a look and then depart

And know that next year they’ll be there

A sea of white on the woodland floor

I sought and found what I came here for.

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