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Southwold, Suffolk

A Tapestry of Poetry

These poems showcase the work of some forty members of The Suffolk Writers Group and for most, this will be the first time they would have seen their work in print.

In any poetic anthology you can expect a plethora of differing styles and rhythms. No specific topic was given to the members when they were invited to submit their poems, so in here you’ll find the styles and rhythms of them, as varied as the subject matters themselves.

I’d like to thank Mai Black, founder of SWG, for her enthusiasm for the project, and Caryn Noad for her creative input. I’d also like to the thank the members of SWG for their encouragement and of course, for submitting their wonderful work.

A fantastic launch!

A Tapestry of Suffolk Poetry, edited by Gary Milsom

What a fantastic night we had at the launch of 'A Tapestry of Poetry'. It was great to see so many members of Suffolk Writers Group, many of whom have contributed poems for this anthology, and to be able to share stories and ideas for the new year.

Thank you to Langam's Wine Bar for their excellent hosting, plenty of food and drink was enjoyed by all, and to Softwood Books for kindly sponsoring the event. Thanks also to Mai Black for all her support and for organising the Secret Santa!

The book is selling well and you never know, we might attract some more bookshops soon! It's also available through my website (see link in bio).

Happy Christmas everyone, and thank you for supporting creativity in Suffolk!

Book launch

There are the terms and conditions for anyone who submitted a poem to be published.

    1. Eligibility:

a. Poets must be at least 18 years old at the time of submission.

b. Submissions are open to all poets who hail from Suffolk, UK.

c. Poets may submit a maximum of six poems for consideration.

    2. Submission Guidelines:

a. All submissions must be original works created by the poet submitting them.

b. Previously published poems are accepted as long as the poet retains the rights to republish the work.

c. Poems must be written in English.

d. Poems should be submitted in a standard font, single-spaced, and with appropriate line breaks.

e. Each poem should be submitted as a separate document in either DOC, DOCX, or PDF format.

f. Along with the poems, poets must provide their full name and email address.

    3. Rights and Permissions:

a. By submitting their poems, poets grant the anthology publisher the non-exclusive rights to publish their work in print and digital formats.

b. Poets retain the copyright to their individual poems and are free to publish or republish them elsewhere after the anthology's publication.

c. The anthology publisher reserves the right to edit submitted poems for grammar, punctuation, and formatting to ensure consistency within the anthology. This will only be done through consultation with the individual poet.

d. Poets will be acknowledged with their full name as the author of each published poem.

e. Poets are responsible for ensuring that their submissions do not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

    4. Selection and Publication:

a. The selection of poems for the anthology will be at the discretion of the anthology editor(s).

b. Poets whose works are selected for publication will be notified via the email address provided during submission.

c. The anthology publisher will make every effort to include a diverse range of voices and styles in the final selection.

d. The anthology publisher reserves the right to reject or exclude any submission without providing detailed feedback or explanation.

e. The publication of the anthology, including the order and arrangement of poems, will be determined by the anthology editor(s).

    5. Compensation and Copies:

a. No monetary compensation will be provided for the inclusion of poems in the anthology.

b. Copies of the anthology can be purchased by contributors at 75% of the retail price set by the publisher. Retail price will be £12.50. 

    6. Deadlines and Notifications:

a. The submission period will be clearly stated, and poems received after the deadline (July 21st 2023) will not be considered.

b. Poets will be notified of the selection results within a reasonable timeframe after the submission period closes.

c. The anthology publisher reserves the right to modify the submission period and notification timeline if necessary.


    7. Agreement to Terms:

a. By submitting their poems, poets acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.

b. Poets confirm that the information provided during the submission process is accurate and complete.

Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the anthology publisher (Little Bear Publications). It is the responsibility of poets to review the latest version before submitting their work.

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