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Forest in Wintertime

Cold frozen time

the forest shocked

its vitality stolen by a thief

silhouettes now

standing stark round frozen lake

robbed of blush and autumn leaf

Harsh bitter day

the land suspicious

‘neath sky a sketch of pallid blue

The Sun burns heatless

through branches stippled

hardened with the frozen dew

Cold damp clings

fighting ‘gainst its melting clutch

and desperate not to stir the still

No breeze no song from any treetop

just a distant crow’s

protesting shrill

Grass and ferns

stiffened white

deprived of wave and colour

A vole scuttles by

a rabbit pricks his ears

both wary there’s no shielding cover

But evergreen pines

stand unconcerned

waiting for the snow to fall

The forest sleeps

but shivers not

unstirred and still so beautiful

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