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Christmas Ad

Here is one of those adverts

that rhyme like they do on the tele

when they advertise gifts on offer for Christmas

or for food you can put in your belly

But my budget is small

In fact nothing at all

and I certainly couldn’t afford Lorraine Kelly

So with no further ado

Here’s some offers for you

In a rhyme and a bit of welly

Now just take a look

at this lovely book

which you can flick just as you please

A wonderful gift

For someone who loves

Poems and paintings of trees

Or the novels I’ve written

that took quite some time

there’ s two though I plan to write three

great stories they’ve said

to take into your bed

or to read with a drink by the sea

Or for children how about these ones

Poems with illustrations

hidden treasures throughout

all its pages

a spark to young imaginations

All ideal gifts for Christmas

brought to you at this festive time

In a poem like those on the telly

that just miss out on rhythm and rhyme

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