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It's Them I Blame

If only we blamed ourselves

Accepted that these were our choices

When adopting the dogma we’re led to believe

By those with the stage and the voices

If only we’d stop and consider

Embrace and not discard the thought

That the situation we find ourselves in

May in part at least be our fault

Because choosing different is risky

It’s blameless to follow the crowd

More conducive to embrace all that’s got us to here

And echo that dogma out loud

Leave change to just be a sound byte

Protest but vote for the same

Poo-poo softer opinions

And unite in the finger of blame

It’s their fault it’s those politicians

The media and all that fake news

The wealthy the lazy those hangers on

And those with minority views

Those with a different religion

The knob heads who came before

Those who come over to steal all our jobs

The protesters and those who shout more

Those they label as dreamers

The brown the black and the white

The voters and those who choose not to

But not me cos I’m always right.

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