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How to Rule the World

Brexit Trump and trade deals

Opinions made of stone

Severed ties and friendships

We’re better off alone

To get to true democracy

Tempt them with the fruit you’ve sewn

And if more than half are hungry

You’ve got democratic clones

Divide and rule and conquer

Tell them others are to blame

Prey upon their differences

Not where they’re the same

Tell them looking inwardly

Is sure to serve them best

And they’ll gather up the feathers

And feather your own nest.

Don’t let them look inside their heads

Or listening to their hearts

Don’t let them think that wholesome’ s

The sum of all their parts

Make them believe not yielding

Is where their strength resides

And that its weak to heed another’s view

Or to seek that compromise

And if we can keep division

Our power stays intact

They’ll believe just what we tell them

And that incredulous is fact

Stop them talking kindness

Or love for fellow man

And we’ll hold on to what we’ve got

And they’ll be grateful that we can.

Because if they become united

And embrace their own esprit

They just might unlock our secrets

And know they hold the key

And when they look into their hearts

I’ve no doubt that they will see

We strive only to represent ourselves

And not humanity.

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