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An Election Question

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

To me, no one or no party offers all the answers. I guess the privilege (responsibility?) of living in a democracy is to elect those we believe may do, or at least offer us the greatest compromise…

I hear political promises

Pledges of a spending spree

Numbers so big I can’t comprehend them

There are too many zeros for me.

I’m told we’re a major economy

With employment a record high

That we’re on the right road and everything’s rosy

And then I ask myself why…

So many people can’t pay their rent

Even when they’re at work forty hours

And why so many people scream out for a change

Appealing to all sorts of powers,

Why so many people blame Europe

And so many people blame us

Each of us points a finger at someone

And some even blame signs on a bus.

Views at each end of the spectrum

A Nation sadly divided

What happened to moderation?

Everything seems so one-sided

And currently we seem so split on those pledges

And who shakes that monetary tree

Billions appear to be at our disposal

To chuck about frivolously

I don’t understand it, where did it come from?

I guess it came from you and me

Well if it’s there I guess we should spend it

To unite us so we feel differently.

So I listen to those political pledges

And try hard to understand

I’m told some plans for spending are so wise and frugal

Whilst some are dismissed out of hand

I know that it’s okay to borrow

I’ve done it personally

In fact when I took out a mortgage

It was much greater than my GDP

So I recognise the value of money

And the return good investment can give

I just hope their motivation, is to make our nation

A much Kinder Country to live.

Photo Credit: Min Jun Tan, Unsplash

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