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To the outside world, their romance belonged in a fairy tale.


Beautiful people living a wonderful life. A life he thought he’d never find.

Henry Ovmeister came to terms with his past a long time ago. He buried it deep in his soul – a place where it needn’t be disturbed – and moved on. 


When Henry meets Malissa, he builds a whole new life. He never tells her about his former life, and he never needs to. They are the perfect match. They are happy.


But when a place sacred to Henry catches fire, everything goes up in flames. Secrets are revealed. Memories tumble out of the flames. And Henry must confront the ghosts that have haunted him.


Will Henry and Malissa find their happy ending? Or will Henry's complex family history tear them apart?


This is a signed paperback edition.

The Butterfly And The Bear - Signed Paperback

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