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My House is Number Seventeen

My house is number seventeen And legally its mine It’s where I live and mostly sleep And where you can drop a line It’s where I ask my friends to tea And have a splendid time And reciprocally they invite me To theirs to talk and dine Their house is rather similar As is the language that they speak So we talk about where we live And what we’ve done that week We have our own community And understand and seek Many of the same things That impact upon our street And this is fine and day to day We live our life’s much this way And once a year we use our pay To go abroad on holiday And there we see another street And those living there those we meet Have different houses different fare And a different culture that they share But it’s striking how you can compare The way they love and the way they care Different clothes for different weather Different ways they get together Different language different tongue But listen and you overcome Listen and you understand Listen and you can expand Where you live and who you meet Cos suddenly your little street Extends beyond your window seat To other homes where you can eat Yes my house is number seventeen And the address I always give But it’s not a place of quarantine Cos the world is where I live

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