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“Hate asking this but apparently, it’s the thing to do if you’re a writer"

No, I’m not on Love Island

Though they said my legs weren’t that bad

But my pecs, my age and overall shape

Didn’t make me a hunk of a lad

Neither with followers fifty

Would they regard me as an influencer

I got that wrong on the form that I filled

I thought they meant influenza

But the way to get really famous I’m told

Is to get a stack of reviews

From those who’ve read what you’ve written

To help those who haven’t yet - choose

So if an Amazon account you have got

And you don’t mind sparing the time

I’d appreciate you giving a rating

And an appropriate line

You can do it by searching the author

Find the button to leave a review

And who knows next year may be different

I’ll get on Love Island and not on the flu

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